All of my life I was led to believe that Chiropractic was not a science. Even though some associates have experience excellent results having received attention from a chiropractor, I only heard the horror stories. Having been in construction for over 30 years I have experienced numerous episodes of severe lower back pain. My philosophy has always been "if you ignore it, it will go away". I even declined to seek formal medical attention. Over the years I just assumed my pain was just a part of life. As I got older I assumed my bad back was just an "old man's syndrome".

About three months ago I had another episode of my back "going out". I came to work bent over and again my co workers suggested Chiropractic care. Again I declined. After several days the pain, no matter how much I ignored it, just wouldn't go away. I ate my humility and asked a co worker for a referral for his Chiropractor. He told me that he too had been extremely skeptical but reluctantly, out of weakness, succumbed to the services of a chiropractor. He told me it had changed his whole life. Well, I had heard that song before. At any rate, I got Dr. Crusade's business card from my co worker and made an appointment for that day.

That was a day that indeed transformed my whole life. She explained through my x-rays the years of misalignment my spine had degenerated to and how she would be able to start correcting my problems. All I was interested in was straightening my spine out to relieve the pain. She was able to do that rather quickly but what I didn't realize was how my whole state of health would begin to improve! I used to have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. I thought that was just being an old man with prostrate problems but my medical doctor said that I have a healthy prostrate. I didn't realize that my misalignment was keeping me up at night. I now sleep quite soundly all night and wake up refreshed!

My appetite has greatly increased and I have lost over 20 pounds since I've been seeing Dr. Crusade. My mental health has greatly improved and coworkers are inquiring of my "good fortune and amicable behavior". I have begun to exercise on a regular basis. My general mental and physical health has never been better since my childhood days.

I know nothing of Chiropractic other than the excellent results that I have received from Dr. Crusade. I completely trust her care, advice, and friendship and hope to continue to be under her care.

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David Digardi

After waking up one morning with excruciating pain in my shoulder. I went to several doctors and physical therapy over the next four months. X-rays were taken that showed nothing. After about two months I developed severe weakness in my shoulder and arm. A large dent appeared in the back side of my shoulder as the muscles in my shoulder began to atrophy. All the while expressing my concern that there was something more serious wrong. I was repeatedly given pain and anti-inflammatory medication and told by the doctor and physical therapist that it was only tendonitis/ muscle strain.

After four months, in some ranges of motion I could not lift the weight of my own arm. I was very disheartened and demanded that I have an MRI done. The MRI showed that I had a torn ligament and some muscles in my shoulder showed tissue changes indicating severe atrophy. I was referred to a nationally recognized orthopedist that specialized in hand, elbow, and shoulder surgery.

I was told by an attorney I had gone to see that he was the best surgeon available. He ordered a nerve test. The results showed that in addition to a torn ligament I had a damaged nerve in my shoulder. I was scheduled for two surgeries, one to free the nerve in my shoulder and one to smooth down a bone spur. I asked the doctor if I could try physical therapy one more time to try and build my shoulder muscle back up without surgery. He agreed and sent me back to the physical therapist for six more weeks.

In the meantime I began treatment with Dr. Crusade. At the end of the six weeks of physical therapy the therapist reported that I had made good gains in the first few weeks but had leveled off and he believed surgery would be necessary. However, I felt that I was gaining strength. It was very small, but it was happening. In the first few weeks of my treatment with Dr. Crusade my eyesight improved to the point where I no longer needed glasses. Even though I had just gone to the eye doctor and received a stronger prescription to wear all the time, not only for reading. I also noticed that food tasted amazing. I had bad experience with chiropractors and was very skeptical. But these first developments gave credibility to Dr. Crusade and her treatment method. So I decided to give her a chance.

When I returned to the surgeon he wanted to schedule me for surgery and explained, "If you wait to have surgery fibrous tissue will replace the muscle in your shoulder and cause permanent irreparable damage." He continued."there are two ways you can deal with this, one is the ostrich technique where you stick your head in the sand and do nothing, or, you can do something about it." What I understood him to mean was that if I did not have surgery immediately that my shoulder would be permanently damaged. Yet when I asked if after the surgery my shoulder would recover? He did not say I would recover but that I should recover. And when I asked, "Doctor how much should I recover?" he replied. "More than you have now." So even though he implied that surgery was my only option he would not say that surgery would fix anything.

Well, surgery was NOT my only option and I declined. That was four months after the MRI, about two months after starting treatment with Dr. Crusade. About eight months from the morning that changed my life. Now it's been a year since that morning and with exercise my shoulder is up to about 60 percent from 2 percent and I thank God and Dr. Crusade I didn't have the surgery.

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Kevin Smith

I was hurt for 10+ years, and I went to see Dr. Crusade for my work related injuries. Upon seeing Dr. Crusade I was in a lot of pain and I was taking prescribed pain medication. I was in so much pain I could barely walk into her office. My entire body hurt, my back, hips, knees, all hurt me! Since being under Dr. Crusade's care and going for care three times a week I no longer have any pain in my back, hips, or knees. Also my hearing in my ears has improved too. Before going to Dr. Crusade I used to wear hearing aids in both ears. Now I don't use them at all and I have the volume on my TV turned down. And my vision has improved too. At night I used to have to use my glasses to drive, now I don't wear them at night or in the daytime either. I am doing really good physically. I owe a lot to Dr. Crusade and Dr. Clarence Jenson, and to Palmer Specific. I would recommend anyone with health problems to go see these doctors.

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Moses Garduno

I had nasal Pharynx cancer about five years ago. I was treated for it with radiation and chemotherapy and it apparently worked, because the cancer cells disappeared. About three years later, I first felt tightness in my right shoulder. Weeks later the tightness also spread to my right hand. Writing and use of my right hand became difficult. As time went on, muscle tightness became evident in my right body trunk and right arm and hand.

Feeling sensations lessen in these areas and the motor nerves were off. The tightness became uncomfortable.

Any muscle movement made all of the effected areas tight. At times it felt like someone was giving me a big bear hug.

My oncologist and neurologist both believed that the radiation had caused damage to my spinal cord and that there was nothing that could be done. As time went on the tightness also spread to my left leg and foot. Walking became hard especially up and down the stairs. Recommended by a friend, I went to see Dr. Crusade and Dr. Jenson. Since seeing them, the muscle tightness has eased up a bit. The squeezing feeling is gone. Although my walking and writing are not normal yet, I feel those areas are loosening and improving.

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Peter Chin

I came to Dr. Crusade in May of 2001. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993. I had optic neuritis in both eyes. I came with numbness from the chest down. I was taking Copaxone- an MS medicine. It was only helping with my energy level, but at times I didn't sleep well at night. I also had huge welts where the shot went into my skin. When Dr. Crusade took my X-rays she discovered that I had three damaged vertebrae in my neck and my atlas vertebrae was attaching to my skull. There was no space. A lot of my vertebrae had been calcified and were smaller and closer together. My spine was also moving in an incorrect direction, which caused two miscarriages in two years.

I am now six months pregnant and 39 years old. Dr. Crusade took my x-rays again in November 2001 and my vertebrae have so much more space between them. I haven't taken the MS medication since July 2001 and have been energetic and symptom free since August 2001. I was told that my vision would be the first thing to go because my first symptom was the optic neuritis. My x-rays prove that this type of Chiropractic care really works to heal your body. I am looking forward to a happy and healthy future without worrying about being in a wheelchair or not being able to see. It is a miracle and I am grateful every day of my life.

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Lori Roberts

I first developed scoliosis when I was thirteen years old. Over a period of about three years the curvature got worse. When I was sixteen going on seventeen (Dec. 1991) I had surgery at Shriner's. By then my curvature was about 56 degrees. My surgery experience didn't go so well. I made it through the surgery all right but a week after I was home from the hospital the titanium rod that the doctors put in my back literally busted out of place in my back. Over the next couple of weeks the rod rubbed a hole right through my back.

In February 1992 I had two more surgeries. The reason I has surgery number two was to replace all the old rods, pins, hooks, ect. And install new ones. During my hospital stay after surgery number two the rods busted out of place again. Two weeks later I was given surgery number three. This time the doctors sawed off half of the rods. Some of those rods were almost as long as my whole back. By this time I can say I was feeling very, very tired.

About a month after that I had yet another surgery. Surgery number four. This ended up being my final surgery. The purpose of this surgery was to remove all the hardware, (rods, pins, hooks, ect..) The doctors wanted to give me another surgery and try a different type of rods but my mother refused and we decided I had had enough.

During my surgery number one the doctors fused my whole thoracic spine. They tried to straighten up my spine but they weren't very successful. My 56-degree curvature was now a 32-degree curve. During surgery number two some of my spinal correction was lost. My 32-degree curve was now a 43-degree curve. The doctors always emphasized the importance of my fusions "taking". They actually wanted to refuse my spine again if they did not "take" completely. My fusions ended up 'taking" very well. Little did I know at the time but my fusions were actually my enemy.

Over the years I have had a lot of pain, a lot of frustration , but now I can say I feel a lot better. After my first adjustment I noticed that certain pains in my back were gone. My low back pain disappeared!! Over time I noticed that my health had improved in many ways. I used to get sinus infections all the time and after starting Chiropractic I have not had one infection. I have a lot more energy too. A while back new x-rays were taken of my spine. The x-rays showed that the curve had become fifty percent straighter . I highly recommend people to try Chiropractic first!!!

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April Stephens

In August 2000 I developed problems with my right shoulder, which got progressively worse. I had seen a rheumatologist who told me I had arthritis and prescribed Ibuprofen 800mg X 3 daily. At the beginning it eased the pain, and as time passed the pain increased despite the pain pills so I began using a hot pack, which I heated up in the microwave 3-4 X daily. In February 2001 I came to se Dr. Crusade and Dr. Jenson. After my first adjustment the pain went away, subsequently I gave up the pills and the hot pack. From time to time I would have pains but Dr. Jenson assured me that it was "healing pain" whereby the calcium in my shoulder was dissolving. I have made good progress, and presently am able to pull my sweatshirt over my head when I struggled to do it previously.

All during my care Dr. Crusade and Dr. Jenson indicated that I have allergies, but as I get better the allergies would disappear. I have had allergy problems for many years. Several years ago I went to an allergist who diagnosed that I was allergic to dust mites, weeds and molds, and that I should take shots for my problem. I declined and told him I would take the conservative method. Last week I told Dr. Jenson that I was going to see my allergist to get another allergy test. Dr. Jenson said, "You don't have allergies any more." I kept my appointment with the allergist on May 2, 2001 and received the 59 scratch test on my back. To my surprise the entire test was negative.

I am very pleased with my progress for the short time I have been seeing Dr. Crusade and Dr. Jenson. One day, delighted with my progress at this Chiropractic office, I designed a graphic and wrote "Expect a miracle today." At the time I did the graphics, it was wishful thinking on my part. However, now I know the miracle that I wished for has come true. After years of suffering with allergies, that has disappeared. I am looking forward to regaining the full use of my shoulder soon. Dr. Crusade and Dr. Jenson each deserve 2 big hugs.

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Elaine Lam

Buddy, a Sharpie German Shepherd mix worked as a Therapy Dog at Shriner's Children's Hospital and Davis Medical Center in Sacramento for three years. He taught me about compassion and empathy through his giving nature towards those he met.

For some reason one of his tendons ruptured in his hind leg. While recouping from surgery, he was attacked sustaining another tendon rupture in the same leg. Several months after healing, the tendon on the opposite hind leg ruptured. After the three surgeries, Buddy could not stand for long periods of time and has not returned to work.

After the third surgery, the Veterinarian wanted to amputate the hind leg that had the two surgeries. The kneecap did not heal or position correctly, causing Buddy have pain and to walk very awkwardly with his leg turned outward. I choose to put Buddy on medication and to hope for the best.

Shortly, I found Dr. Desiree Crusade. During one of our session, I told her about Buddy. She asked me to bring him in for adjustments. I really did not think the adjustments would do much good because of the severity of damage. Soon, Buddy was trained to lay down on the table, get an adjustment and lay by my side as I rested after my adjustment. After a few adjustments, I took Buddy off all medications.

About six months later, Buddy needed to go back to the Veterinarian to update his shots. When Buddy walked in, the Veterinarian was very surprised to see how well Buddy was walking. He commented on how far Buddy's leg had turn back into almost complete position and the reduced swelling around the kneecap was a great surprise! He said, "keep up whatever you are doing". I explained the adjustments. Then he was a bit shocked and said, "Well, if any pet needs more help than I can give, I'll refer them to your chiropractor" and then " I never thought that leg could be saved".

Yes, Buddy's leg was saved. He has no limp and the leg is in a correct position. He continues to maintain his relationship with Dr. Crusade monthly. Not only has she helped Buddy but also, she has helped me in numerous ways. I highly recommend Dr. Crusade and would gladly talk with anyone. Just give your phone number to Dr. Crusade and I will return your call.

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