Nutritional Support in Sacramento

Nutritional Support

For the last several years, Dr. Desiree Crusade has been using and recommending the most effective and cost efficient Superfoods Protocol to counteract the environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies in our world today.

Utilizing these potent, live, beyond-organic superfoods brings harmony to the body and increases vitality and immune function while reducing inflammation and increasing nutrient absorption for all foods we eat.

When we have an efficient body that is working well, another benefit is that your chiropractic adjustment has shown to hold longer and better!

This Holistic/Nutritional Lifestyle support is called 'CORE 4' and includes:

  • Reducing Glyphosate in the Gut to restore a healthy Microbiome, boost mood, increase immune function and mood.
    Product: BIOMEDIC is clinically proven to remove glyphosate out of the gut microbiome and repopulate with good bacteria, and support hormone regulation.
  • Support cell metabolism, muscle growth, deep cellular & skin hydration, brain function
    Product: SUPER AMINOS 23 is a predigested amino profile.
  • High density nutritional supplementation (by a quick and easy shake) that can mix 'on the go' or as a meal replacement. This is equivalent to consuming 7 salads. Also providing protein, leafy greens, mushroom blend, and fruit.
  • Anti-inflammatory supplement with high antioxidant value, and also supports the body's own production of melatonin to get into the most restorative, healing rest.

This product mix is synergistic and designed to work together to bring your body into homeostasis. The potency of every product here comes from the quality of ingredients, growing methods, and processing. Every product within this mix is created from food sources only.

This nutritional foundation, with Dr. Crusade's gift code is less than a typical daily ticket at Starbucks, and is adequate for 1 meal replacement/day totaling to $6.43 a day.

Dr. Crusade's Gift Code is: ChiroPure

If you have questions around this recommendation, OR a specific issue you desire to heal, or have foods sensitivities to navigate and would like recommendations, please can reach out to our Nutritional Support by booking a free 15min call with Brooke Preston HERE

The CORE 4 daily protocol is an efficient and effective 1st step in shifting your experience of life and paired with your chiropractic adjustments will make a huge impact on your quality of life.

As long as you are using the CORE 4, you also have access to Brooke Preston's Coaching and Community Support which includes LIFESTYLE PRACTICES, EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, RECIPES and MORE. Just reach out to her so that you can access her amazing tools HERE

In January we will be going into a deeper LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION with Chef Brooke Preston. We hope you'll join us for this transformative wellness reset and launch into 2024 with a new level of vitality and vigor! More details coming soon.

Brooke SoloEnergize Your New Year: Mind, Body & Spirit! A 30 Days Reset with Chef Brooke Preston. Starting Tuesday, 2nd January 2024 (On Zoom @ 7:30 pm).

Brooke SoloEnergize Your New Year: Mind, Body & Spirit! Join us for an empowering workshop with Chef Brooke Preston at our office on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024, starting at 10:00 am. Seating is limited, RSVP here.