Whose Child Is It? The End of Exemptions in California

Whose Child Is It? The End of Exemptions in California

Dr Tim O'Shea

By popular demand. Come and hear some expert opinions about vaccines Science not Propaganda!

  • Is it your child or the state's?
  • Why California is now the most dangerous place to raise a child
  • The vaccine debate - why it never happened
  • No more exemptions
  • Vaccine science: forbidden in corporate media
  • How many children actually die from vaccines: CDC
  • California vaccine laws compared to the rest of the world
  • The scientific possibility of danger to your child
  • Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated - who is healthier?
  • Legal options for the vaccine injured
  • Legal options for the unvaccinated
  • The future of medical freedom in the US
  • Autism detox protocol

Whether or not to vaccinate is probably the most momentous decision the parent will make in the life of the child. This event is for those who might be interested in the true science behind vaccines...

Join us in welcoming guest speaker: Dr Tim O'Shea

Author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization - www.thedoctorwithin.com

Hosted by:Crusade Specific Chiropractic
Date:Thursday- August 23, 2018
Location:Sierra 2 Center for Arts & Community — 2791 24th Street - inside Curtis Hall, Sacramento, CA 95818
Topic:Whose Child Is It? The End of Exemptions in California


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Sierra 2 Center for the Arts and Community
2791 24th St.
Sacramento CA, 95818
Room 10